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Vinyasa Flow

 Also known as "flow", Vinyasa is a safely guided class flowing through poses and sequences linked with breath connecting mind and body.  Each instructor will bring a different offering in pace, postures, sequencing and yoga philosophy.  The poses are intelligently sequenced where the body moves to warm up, engages in energizing poses and cools down ending with meditation.  Modifications and intensifications are offered for a safe and challenging practice for all levels. 



 Great for beginners, returning practitioners, or if you just want to strengthen and fine tune your practice.  The Beginner's class will break down the poses, focus on proper alignment, explain breathing techniques and give an overall basic understanding of the practice.  The slower pace allows students to explore the structure of the poses and how their unique body fits the pose and can customize to allow a safe experience. 


Deep Stretch

 The Deep Stretch class uses passive poses held for longer periods of time to allow for a deep opening in the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, spine and other areas of the body.  Props such as blocks, straps and blankets may be used.  This practice is meditative and relaxing and beneficial to all practitioners


Slow Flow

 Move with intention and the body has a chance to ease into shapes you never imagined.  Working hard and deep and slow requires mental tenacity.  Props give you time to get used to the asana.  Time gives you a new understanding of muscle manufacturing

High Interval Yoga

High Interval Yoga starts off with the same 15-20 minutes of yoga we all know within the Vinyasa Flow classes, awaking the body and getting grounded on our mats. The next 20-30 minutes of practice brings you the cardio and strength training of intervals. We end the class with the wonderful feeling of the cool down period we have in a flow class.   IT'S LIKE 2 CLASSES IN 1!!